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Although I'm sure most of you already know that Everclear (ethyl alcohol/190-proof alcohol) makes a great Limoncello, did you know that it has other uses uses besides getting smashed?
Here's my top 10 non-drinking related list for why it should be made legal in Hawaii.

  1. Mother-In-Law Sugar: An after dinner mint (or other flavor) with a kick. Some people light it on fire to burn off the alcohol before eating, though that rids it of the antiseptic properties that make your breath smell better.
  2. Homemade Deodorant: Mixed with an essential oil to mask the initial smell, it kills the bacteria attracted to your pits, making them smell free. Sweet.
  3. Perfume:  Ever wanted to save the smell of you're wedding bouquet or the dozen roses you got from prom? Now you can relive the moment.
  4. Extracts: Here's a recipe for vanilla extract.
  5. Cleaner/Solvent: Gently clean your appliances or your tobacco pipe. The alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving "it" dry and sparkling.
  6. Fuel Alternative: Can be used to power your car or gas stove. Popular amongst hikers for it's fire fueling capabilities.
  7. Disinfectant: Good for cleaning wounds...and wiping out strep? Looks like I have a new friend in my medication arsenal.
  8. Treatment for Antifreeze: That's right people. If your poochy drinks some of antifreeze just get him schwasted.
  9.  Jobs: Give our farmers something to do. Need I say more 'Merica?
  10. Shellac: Get crafty!

And now here's a link to help you Distill Ethanol yourself!

Then tell me all about it and your crazy and crafty adventures.

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