Thinking about being Mrs. Conant-Patterson. Oh, the shit we'll give each other till we're old and grey.

My monkey. Blink and she's up a tree.

Her bestie, Gilbert. Unfortunately, I think she's a cat person. There will be consequences to this...

So today my friend, Julie, asked me if she could add me to her public blogroll today. Um...YEAH! She has this AMAZING mostly vegetarian site (don't worry you meat-heads, there's something for everybody) called Forbidden Rice Blog. She takes killer photos and has top notch writing skills. Did I mention I went to high school with her? Visit her site, visit her site now! No, seriously. 

Did I tell you how much I love work? CPK AND a bottle of champagne? I am loving this 2 week break. Now if only my sinus headache will go away...champagne don't fail me now!


  1. Anonymous12/29/2012

    Thanks, Kels! I love your blog! (As I keep saying, haha!)

    I'm excited to see where your site goes in the new year... and congrats on the x-mas domain name :) What an awesome gift idea!

    1. Thanks Julie! I <3s your blog. Totally admire your food and how healthy you are! It's inspiring :)