Mmmm...Grandma's Stuffed Rolls

It takes a lot of concentration to add the love

I managed to run over to Home Depot and grab a small Christmas tree (yay!). Now it needs lights and decorations. I have some homemade polymer clay leftover from when my niece and nephew were over so the next project will be to make some homemade ornaments.  

Eva is so independent at 2. Not only does she want to do everything herself, she want's to help with
everything Mommy does too! She wants to make, break, and clean
(notice the emphasis on break).

Not everything is healthy and DIY here. After work, running errands, and setting up the tree we were all too tired/lazy to do anything or make food. FYI Pizza Hut- your new OverStuffed pizza sucks!

More Christmassy pictures to come!

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