Nothing says Christmas morning like a big pile of pan fried pork belly!

It was my first time making it. Keep a close eye on that stuff because it can burn fast once it starts to crisp.

Picture that along with some coffee, naan, and medium eggs. Yup, that was my morning. 
Siah went out surfing, Eva watched the Muppets, and I made cookies. Then, we wrapped gifts and went to Siah's Mom's house for the Christmas party. This years theme was Western so there was BBQ, corn, biscuits, and all that other good stuff.

And guess what Siah got me for Christmas?? Drumroll please....

A new domain name!

Isn't that awesome? The name of the blog changed but everything else is the same. Now my blog is a .com and the name is (kinda) food related. My blog is now thumb in plum. He got it on sale for $0.99 through His gift is frugal and inventive!

Let's celebrate with Christmas photos.

The Princess, "I dub thee 'Knight of the Octagon Table'!"
Eva was so excited about all the Princess and dress-up things she got for Christmas, she wore it all!


Her cousin, Kaya, taking her for a ride. This girl can't get enough of the skateboard. 
More Christmas photos to come!

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