The holidays came and went leaving larger waistlines, smaller wallets, and loads of dishes in their aftermath. We are left reminiscing about the years passed and the days ahead as we roll in the spoils of our friends and family's generosity. Amongst the rush of faces, photos, and responsibilities we are blessed to find those moments where time slows down and we can enjoy the company of the people we love most.
This season leaves happy memories of city lights, family skateboarding sessions and Eva's growing dexterity with wrapping paper. Although there are no longer fireworks allowed here we are blessed to be part of a fun family. One who can create their own entertainment with crazy dance moves, a Chinese dragon dance, and an impromptu soccer volleyball ring.


Princess wants to ride skateboard too

With all the craziness of the Holidays it was hard to find time to take photos. I'd say that's a good thing.


  1. Happy New Year! A quick glance at your blog already tells me it's my cup of tea. There are a lot of tutorials on youtube how to debone a bird but personally it's really intuitive more than anything else, and a good fillet knife works wonders. :)

    1. Right on, I'll check it out! I'd buy an already deboned chicken if I could but I really have no idea where I'd find one.
      I really like your writing style and all your photos at The Hungry Giant. I look forward to seeing more of your kitchen adventures :)