Yonanas Honeydew, Papaya, Sweet Potato Sorbets | thumb in plum
So today I busted out the Yonana's machine to experiment making different textured sorbets. The three different frozen treats, pictured above, were made using honeydew melon, papaya, and sweet potato. I am all about these straight fruit frozen delights!

The first pictured (green) is just honeydew. You freeze it in chunks (make sure they're not rock hard) and run it through the Yonana's machine (I hear that you can use a food processor as well). And let me tell you melona lovers, this is the one for you. It tastes just like melona but it's pure fruit! I LOVES it. I made this 3 times today because me and the kid could not get enough.

The middle sorbet in the picture (orange) is just papaya. You handle it the same as the honeydew. It comes out denser than the melon and rich and creamy. It's definitely closer to soft serve ice cream. I didn't have enough to make a full bowl, it went too fast!

The last is sweet potato. It was handled the same as the other two except while processing it I added a little maple syrup and coconut milk in between. It is definitely not anything like a sorbet or ice cream, it's way too dense. I can't see myself doing this again (at least not as an ice cream substitute). I can see it being subbed for azuki beans in shave ice or used in halo halo. Siah liked it because it reminded him of a pie his aunt used to make (he suggested a pie shell).


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  2. How come the sweet potato looks purple, surprising.

    1. Hey, Autism United! The sweet potato I used is Okinawan sweet potato. Inside it's an amazing purple color. It's really the only sweet potato I like. You can see more info on it here:

  3. Hi, did you freeze the sweet potato while it was raw or was it cooked and frozen? Looks great

    1. Hey NHM, it was boiled then frozen :)