Beach Day | thumb in plum

On this beautiful morning we decided to go to the beach. In winter there's a beach that forms a lake perfect for kids still learning to swim. Bonus: it's also perfect for collecting shells.

There were so many types of shells, both whole and broken. Littered throughout the shells were many different sizes of seaglass of various colors. I think we all felt a bit like pirates searching for buried treasure and finding a secret cache in which we picked out the best and most precious of gems.

Eva helped and was ecstatic to help fill Daddy's pocket with treasures. Siah brought his body board so she could practice standing up on the water. She did really well. We pushed her bewteen us for a while till we all started to feel a little warm and hungry.

When we got home Siah emptied his pocket and we all admired the assortment of our collected beach goodies. We are still debating what to do with them. Maybe they shall find themselves to be jewelry or a mosaic.

What do you do with the shells/glass you find at the beach?

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