Drunken Apple Bites | thumb in plum

My first suggestion to make this recipe is to drink the largest glass of wine your liver can currently handle. Next, would be to disregard any sense of accurate measurements and ignore reading labels of your spice jars. Lastly, imbue yourself with a deep feeling of not giving a f*ck. After that last suggestion it's hard to go wrong because if it does, who cares? 1/2 the wanton wrappers fell on the floor? Well I'll just pick up the ones at the top...

Oh shiz..I'm sobering up. Wait...

Ahh. That's better.

These aren't like apple pie. Or tarts. Or empanadas. These are a nutmeg bomb. I didn't look at the labels and used nutmeg instead of pumpkin pie spice. I thought if I used cinnamon extract it would balance the flavors better. I was wrong. It still tastes like nutmeg but now with more extract added to the vanilla there's an overpowering alcohol taste...or is that my tongue? 375F was too high so the edges ended up crisping up before the rest of them did.

Yet I'm still eating them. Is it the sugar? Is it the alcohol? Are they actually good? Who cares!

F you F you F you, you're cool! F you I'm out


  1. Anonymous11/13/2013

    uh, recipe?

    1. Recipe: get drunk, don't give a f*ck (unless you're under 21)
      It's a failed attempt, dude. I may try again though