That's right! It's official, I am now a married woman. The big day has come and gone. After all the excitement, the prepping, the cleaning, and everything else I am back to my normal routine. We had so much help, so much love and generosity throughout the entire experience it felt like I was floating above everything. I have so many "Thank You" cards to write.

So here's the rundown on everything that made up our forest wedding-

On top a funstastic joint bachelor/bachelorette party thrown by my Brother and Sister-in-law I was also able to enjoy a fabulous Bridal Shower thrown by Auntie Evi and family. Both were good clean(ish) fun and enjoyed by everyone. We are still enjoying homemade salt and the memory of a homemade beer (complete with its own label featuring our daughter, Eva, 50% Siah, 50% Kels, 100% Animal!). And I don't think any one of the ladies at the shower were able to forget the incredible food at the Hukilau Lanai- especially those sweet potato and curry ravioli (droooool).

When I think back on our wedding day I remember not being nervous about the vows, the food, or tripping on my dress but about the weather. When we got to Camp Sloggett in Koke'e it was cold and pouring rain. After setting up what we could, we left where we'd place the wedding arch to fate. In the morning it seemed the rain had let up...only to come back down again. We administered Plan B and set up in the covered lanai. I didn't bother to look outside while I was getting ready- I was too nervous. I had joked around about a trash bag poncho party but when it comes down to it...if it wasn't for being surrounded by my loving family and friends I assure you I would have been much more freaked out. But everything works out. As I walked out of the cabin we used as a dressing room the weather had cleared. From the wedding to the reception we had clear skies, an open window for the big day. And because the ceremony was on the covered porch, everyone could hear everything. Perfect.

We didn't hire a photographer or a videographer but we had plenty of great photos from friends and family who are gifted photographers. Our friend Rex even made us a video that I love and will add to this post. With all the cameras on us I felt like we were celebrities.

Let me tell you a little something about our amazing food (because this is a food blog). It was everything I had hoped for. I wanted a fancy picnic and it was every bit that. Gina at Yumi's Restuarant catered it. We had kalua pork and chicken curry sliders with a bunch of different aioli's. There was a homemade tortilla chip nacho bar with chilli. There were 3 different types of desserts- pumpkin crunch, reeses cake, and maple bacon cake- without leftovers. Instead of wedding cake to cut into we had wedding pie from The Right Slice. O course there was a smore's bar because how could you not have smore's when there's a fire pit? We made merry with beer, wine, jello shots, and a kava bar made with awa out of our back yard. Our guests also enjoyed chicken long rice and the smoked meat my Uncle Dwayne made. As well as a bunch of different appetizers provided by my family and local shops. And la piece de resistance- a saimin bar for the people who stayed late and camped out, made with broth from scratch. I'm telling you- it was better than Hamura's. Our campers were extra lucky because we also brought out the kulolo to end our day. It paired well with a homemade movie featuring most of the grooms wedding party via laptop, theater style.

Here's that video:

For entertainment Uncle David Sproat and family played Hawaiian jams. I was very happy because he played for my parents wedding. Siah and I had our first dance to Sade's "Lover's Rock" and a money dance to Mishka's "Give You All the Love." I danced with my Dad to Bruce Springsteen's "When You Need Me." Siah's band, Dub Smuggler's, also played for a while. The biggest musical treat happened after hours, when our family friends daughter, Ku'u, started playing the drums and a couple of the boys joined in and backed her up with bass and sax.

It was an unforgettable day. My sister was not able to make our wedding but she sent a guardian angel coin that my friend, Vicky, sewed into the hem of my dress. My Mom and Mom-in-law stood in my sister's place as my matrons of honor. Both my parents walked down the aisle to give me away. My bridesmaids were beautiful in blush pink dresses with a one shoulder floral strap. The groomsmen were very dapper wearing suspenders and boutonnieres. My 2 year old daughter and my niece were flower girls. You can see how great Eva did with her petal throwing duties in the video. My niece, Kaya, chanted and was a junior bridesmaid. My nephew Azzy was the ring bearer (the ring "pillow" was a handmade koa wood gift from our friends).

I think everyone had fun because now they are talking about making this a yearly event. I definitely want to make another trip up there with everyone purely for the sake of hanging out so next time we can go hiking (and yes, I have thought about trashing the dress on a hike but I love it too much and hope someday Eva might too).

We Honeymooned in Las Vegas. Siah's Uncle, Chris, gave us honey mead and honey from his bee farm, Honi Honi Honey. He said it's traditionally given to ensure fertility for the entire month after the wedding (hence "honey" moon), so we'll see what happens. We were able to make it out of our hotel room and the city and to see the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. That part of the trip was both of our favorite and inspired a lot of talk about a cross country family trip (if we can ever afford it). I'll post pictures of all our events later.

Thanks to those of you who are still interested enough to check back. Much aloha!

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