Men avert your eyes. This is my 2nd rendition of TMI.

Dinner is... some one pan thing I made with my brain half closed. I mean my eyes...Brown rice, garlic, onion, chicken stock, spinach, broccoli, chicken, tomatoes, butter, asparagus, and salt all tossed in a baking dish- lid on, 375F for....who knows?

Every week is long now. Dealing with people is hard now. I love everybody, I hate everybody. The hormones have really done a number on my ADD.

Blood draw after blood draw and now an ultrasound, I have only one thing on my it over yet? I have been in some form of pain for over a month now. I've had cramps that no one should deal with on a regular basis, I've been bleeding for more than 2 weeks, and I've been so, so dizzy. What does modern medicine have to say about all this? As to the pain, I have an ovarian cyst filled with blood that should (hopefully) resolve itself within 6 weeks, as well as a big blood clot in my uterus. Take Tylenol and/or Advil. Yay me. What does "resolve itself" mean? It means that, like a pimple, it can either disappear randomly or burst, causing more pain. Dizziness= hormones. My ectopic pregnancy= ? No discernible reason? Great. Thanks science, you're the best. What I would give to have a penis right now...At least I can drink again.

On a positive note, I've just been offered a full time position at the school I work at. It means no more subbing but it's guaranteed hours and it's a chance to improve the department and show that I can be an asset. Also, wish me luck- I just had a job interview for a summer position. Woot-woot. And drumroll please...Siah might be getting a part-time summer job at my school. AND wait for it...WAIT for it...Eva got accepted into Kamehameha Preschools! YAYAYAY. It's a big deal. Hopefully she'll get the scholarship so help me pray on that one.

I'm not usually overtly negative but I vent...a things don't fester. If you don't like it stop reading. My emotions need another glass. So either you're with me or against me (hopefully with) and if you're against me hopefully Eva's asleep and you're my husband.


  1. Anonymous5/13/2013

    You've got a lot going on.... (Bing! Duh, Julie.) But what I really mean is, you're totally entitled to all your feelings. And being your blog, totally entitled to sharing as much or as little as you want, prettied up or - as I prefer reading - raw, real, and honest. I appreciated your drunken apple bites post, too. I've been there.

    Congrats on Eva getting accepted into KAM. A huge deal! And congrats on the job news! What would you be teaching? I hope your pain passes quicker than not...

    Love you, Kels.

    1. Thanks, Jules. In my normal life I'm going around trying to be the least offensive I can, especially since I work with small kids. I get so tired of extending it into my personal space. I'm a woman, there will be blood, talk of penises, tipsy writing, and everything else I feel like touching on. I try not to swear much, but damnit, we should all be fucking adults here, I'm not targeting children.
      This just keeps going on and on, but I'll put that in my never-ending story post.
      Going to be doing the same- working with Eng Lang Learners. And we're trying to get Eva pumped on school (she's not being too enthusiastic about it).
      Thanks for all the love & support Julie. Xoxo