Peace & Punches | thumb in plum

I know, I know. You want to see food.
Too bad.

So here's what happened with my ectopic.

2 rounds of methotrexate later and no dropping HCG, increased growth, and a bad ultrasound (now showing damage to both tubes) I'm admitted into emergency surgery.

The laparoscopy found that my left tube was ruptured and beyond repair, and removed. They removed the damaged portion of my right tube and tried to run some dye through (to no avail). The young Dr that assisted in surgery told me it was unlikely that we'd be able to have kids without invitro fertilization.

There are so many factors in this I can't even begin to tell you how heartbroken I was and still am. A week after I got some hope by my Doctor who was originally going to do my surgery. He told me that the tubes swell when pregnant and that he expects the swelling to go down and we'll be able to try again naturally.

Oh, and we have a new bunny. He's a really cute, tiny, floppy eared guy named Nacho.

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