Cherry Chocolate Croissants | thumb in plum

Fast, easy, delicious. This recipe calls for fresh cherries, when they bake they become soft and jammy. The chocolate melts. The bun gets flaky with a cinnamon sugar crust. Just 5 ingredients and you're good to go!

We had a long day yesterday. Eva played with cousins after they spent the night. We went to Waikiki and had fun on the playground then played in the pool. We walked everywhere and wound up at Ala Moana where Eva "played" games in Jungle Fun. I love that she's still young enough that just by touching everything and pressing buttons she feels like she's doing something without me having to spend a dime. Yay for a 3 year old imagination!

thumb in plum

Anyway today I think we're all feeling a little rundown. I'm slightly burnt (why suncreen, whyyyy??) and Eva's back to coughing. Minimal effort for breakfast was required which means the less dishes the better. This requires only 2 bowls you can rinse out after, a cutting board (or work area), and a baking sheet. You don't need to serve these on plates, just pick 'em up and eat 'em!

Cherry Chocolate Croissants | thumb in plum

Cherry Chocolate Croissant Recipe
  • 1 can Pilsburry Crescent Rolls 
  • 20 cherries, pitted
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used about a pinch per roll- so maybe a 1/2 cup?)
  • Cinnamon sugar (about a cup of white sugar mixed with cinnamon- to taste)
  1. If your house is hot, like mine, pop your crescent roll can then put it in the freezer while you're prepping your ingredients (about 10 min)
  2. Preheat oven to 375F
  3. Grease a bakingsheet
  4. Make your cinnamon sugar in a large mixing bowl. After pitting your cherries in a separate bowl add a dash of sugar and mix to coat
  5. Break apart the crescent rolls and toss in the cinnamon sugar mixture till coated on both sides. Place a pinch of chocolate chips and about 4-5 cherry halves in the middle of the roll and loosely fold over the edges then transfer to baking sheet. Evenly space the croissants on the baking sheet
  6. When all the croissants are ready to go put them in the oven for 10 minutes or until the rolls are golden. 
  7. Remove from oven and eat

*If you are, at this point, just starting to wonder about the photos that are not Siah quality, rest assured, they are not his. I finally got a new (although outdated) smartphone so I have been taking the liberty of adding a few pictures here and there. I would add pictures anywhere. In a train, in a plane...

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