Wonton Burger: Crabby Patties! | thumb in plum

Ok, so it's shrimp, not crab. I couldn't resist. I guess it's really a pork & shrimp burger?

I was wondering what to do with some leftover wonton filling, saw the extra buns we had from the teri burgers, and went- duh!

Of course there's no real recipe for this yet, but you can follow what I did below. If you feel like making this just go to the wonton recipe (linked below) and make the filling for the wonton to use as patties.

Crabby Patties/ Wonton Burger Recipe(ish)
I made a sour cream aioli- sour cream, chipotle tobasco, garlic powder, and teriyaki soy sauce. I spread it on both sides of the bun.
Then I shaped the wonton filling into patties and pan fried them letting some Monterrey Jack cheese melt on the top before putting them on the buns.
I topped the patties with some avocado and voila! Awesomeness on a bun. 

I'll be making these for the rest of my life.

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