We had a nice family hike out to the end of the road, Kaena Point. I particularly enjoyed the hike because it was a cool and cloudy day- perfect for my white ass. The trail is easy but there's very little shade. 

At the end of the Point there's a bird sanctuary for shearwaters and you can get a good view of North Shore (along with the new wind farm). We weren't lucky enough to see a monk seal this time but we're planning on making this a regular outing so hopefully we'll eventually be graced with one's presence.

thumb in plum
Eva posing with the art on the pill box. 

thumb in plum
On the way to Mordor...

thumb in plum
Yin Yang sky

thumb in plum
Stormy weather? No! Perfect weather

Has a Labyrinth-y feel to it

Shearwater chick

thumb in plum
They're everywhere!

There you have it. One adventure from our Fall break so far. If you're interested in seeing more you can follow me over Instagram. My username is kel_c_patterson


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