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Christmas was spent with my family on Kauai. We were there for one week although it felt like only a couple days. We had a water balloon fight, hikes, beach days, and my cousin's baby shower (congrats again, Mavi!- soo excited). There was plenty of food, wine, and fun. Not very many pictures, however. Sorry, Mom!

Christmas day was relaxing. We opened presents, watched a Christmas story then went to the beach for my Dad's traditional surf session. I watched the men while playing with the GoPro. Eva and Grammy had their own beach day with cousin Zylan at a kiddie beach. We came home and BBQ'd for dinner with smores for dessert. The night was ended with testing out the 3D glasses for my parents new TV.

The couple days of downtime we had were spent looking for horses, hiking, and having a Desolation of Smaug date. We found the horses, we hiked without shoes, and Smaug was pretty good although I may argue the first of the series is better so far.

Although the flight cut our visit at my cousin's baby shower short, it was fun and all the love from friends and family was well received and stored up to last till the next trip back. Mavi's Mom-in-Law had the cutest idea, she put building blocks on tables with a colorful array of sharpies to decorate with.  Fried fish, salami musubi, and almond float were just a few of the tasty dishes that graced the serving table.

Here are some pictures from the trip in no particular order:

thumb in plum

thumb in plum | baby shower

thumb in plum | horse

thumb in plum

thumb in plum

thumb in plum
New Years was spent with his family, back home on Oahu. One of the best New Years of my life! It was also Uncle Jason's Birthday. We had a lot of fun despite fireworks being illegal. After dinner there was karaoke and after karaoke was a traditional Makaha community midnight surf and swim session.

Let me be clear- I do not surf. It's not that I haven't tried, I've just never got into it. I don't like feeling like I'm going to die. Surfing fills me with a crazy mixture of living and dying. That's fine to most, less waves to share. But Siah does. And with more than 50 people in the water, supsquatches and boards all lit up with glow sticks, glow balloons, and everything else that glows when he said, "Lets go" of course I replied, "Shoots!" It's easier to say yes when you have an experienced bodyboarder doing most of the work.

I'm so glad I went out with him. I felt like I was in Pirates of the Caribbean. The night was dark so we could see all the stars. We could see everyone in the water because of all the glow lights. The scary part was not being able to really see the waves. Despite me, we caught a couple waves. I swam a little after coming back in because the water was warmer than the air.

All in all it was fun on the bun. Eva was entertained by aunties and cousins on the beach, me and Siah had our midnight kiss, and the icing on the cake was coming home to Kupunua's New Years tradition- long life noodles and won ton soup. Aunty Brenda was awesome, keeping everything warm and fresh for everyone coming back from the beach. Ono, ono, ono. Saimin is set up in bowls and after you put on the toppings of your choice hot soup is poured over it. And let me tell you we just had Hamura's saimin (arguably the best) but this was better. Probably from all the love in it.

thumb in plum | Patterson/Iaia

thumb in plum | won ton min
Saimin stolen from Ulu

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