Moving, life changes, lack of motivation. These are how blogs die. I sometimes look back wistfully and wonder what might have been if I never had allowed my site to grow cobwebs. Perhaps I could blow off the dust and kickstart the engine, maybe with some tinkering it could be what it once was. But I also fret over the attention and time it takes building the views to make enough money to justify lost hours. The rationalization I have for continuing would be that I do it for fun. Just a way to polish writing skills, save recipes and remember pieces of family life as time rolls on.

So here I am. Just taking a moment to talk a little about 2017.

This year I am still working full time as a Site Assistant at Ka Pa`alana. I am blessed to work with a lot of beautiful people that make me laugh hard everyday and remind me that there is still good in this world. It's nice to work for people who work for the people, keeping me humble and staying aligned with the human spirit.

I am reading a lot more. For me it's less about quality and more about quantity. I find books help lower my screen time and act as motivation for other creative outlets. I realize that after a reading hiatus images that correlate to written words dull and my imagination along with it. If I can't picture the world in high detail through a book how I am able to materialize a painting?

Everything else is mostly the same except for my 7 year old's mouth, which resembles Gollum's more and more as her baby teeth fall out. I wish I could say it's cute but it's not. Her mouth frightens me. I follow her around saying, "What does it wants, my Precious?" Just kidding. I say it silently, in my head and pray her adult teeth come in faster. They are taking their sweet-ass time. She can also do the splits now and does them everywhere. All her pants are stained. I can't afford the splits.

Siah's photography is getting more attention. This year he has been lucky to work with some other creatives and was also afforded opportunities for freelancing. His brother also gave him a guitar so he's been picking back up on his first hobby, music.

That concludes my description, however brief, of this year.

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