Tapioca Cake | thumb in plum

It would seem as though I'm on a tentative schedule when it comes to blogging. So I won't say I'm back. I'll just say hello. And what better way to renew one's welcome than with something sweet?

This "cake" is chewy and full of coconutty goodness. I'd liken it to a less dense mochi so it's a great substitute if you are going grain free. The flavor reminds me of butter mochi sans butter. I made it, they ate it. It was gone within an hour. I guess we all had a sweet tooth.

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thumb in plum

Christmas was spent with my family on Kauai. We were there for one week although it felt like only a couple days. We had a water balloon fight, hikes, beach days, and my cousin's baby shower (congrats again, Mavi!- soo excited). There was plenty of food, wine, and fun. Not very many pictures, however. Sorry, Mom!

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corn chowder | thumb in plum

I have the incredible luck of working with women who not only know how to cook but are willing to share their recipes. With the cold-front that's moved in we've been enjoying (a little) winter weather. This, coupled with the impending holidays, has created a heavenly outpouring of detailed accounts of foods that warm the body and soul.

And what better way is there to warm oneself while filling your belly than with a soupy delight? A couple friends from work, Mauna and Page, have shared their recipes for a yummy bacon corn chowder. It's creamy, tasty, and oh-so-easy. I have combined both of their recipes and added a couple spices of my own. Mauna has told me this chowder pairs well with some cheesy biscuits or a tuna melt. Yum!

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